You are just a few minutes away of starting to use the financial strategy that will change your life drastically. I hope that you have payed attention to the video i made for you. I have summed up 4 steps to guide you on your way to start earning money in the next 15 minutes. Just follow them and achieve what you have always dreamed of!

Start by opening an account in the EmpireOption website. There are many sites for trading binary options but EmpireOption is much more intuitive and easy to use for beginners. This is the site I use to trade every day and make my capital grow by following the method explained in the video above.

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The trading strategy I use is based on following trends. This method is widely used by many professional traders and it's renowned for its effectiveness. In fact, an asset goes up or down when it's pushed into that direction by the big structures that dominate financial markets, such as banks and investment funds. The principle of this method is simply to realize that:

If the recent history of an asset shows a significant and constant increase, the odds that the increase will continue into the near future is greater than the probability that it'll change. Therefore, the trend will be based on an increase.

Obviously, the same logic applies when an asset is going down.

Recognizing a trend in a graph is particularly easy but you need to be careful with the type of graph you use. In fact, this method is used for graphs with a timeframe of 5M. This just means that all the "candles" in the graph represent a timeframe equivalent to 5 minutes. These are the trends we can detect:

As could be expected, it's impossible to make money on all trades at the beginning, even if you follow the complete method. It's absolutely normal to lose some positions when you open them and no trader in the world can claim to make a profit from each and every trade.

However, the "trend-following" strategy will allow you to complete more successful trades than unsuccessful ones, which will inevitably lead to profits going into your account. There may be bad days when you make several unsuccessful trades in a row, making it necessary to follow a strict investment rule:

Each position you open cannot represent more than 5% of your capital.

If you have €500 in your account, all positions you open must be of €25
If you have €2.000 in your account, all positions you open must be of €100
If you have €5.000 in your account, all positions you open must be of €250


In September 2011, in an interview for the BBC. an independent trader called Alessio Rastini talked about how he became a millionaire by making transactions through a trading platform from his home.


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